Johnny Manziel is currently being sued by the people who rented out their home in Hollywood Hills to him a few months ago, which he naturally used to throw a massive, weekend long party.

And last night they caught up with him in hilarious fashion.

While Manziel was bouncing from club to club in Hollywood, a process server ran up on him and slapped him in the chest with the suit while onlookers yelled, "Johnny you just got served dude!"

Unfazed, Johnny Football, who is reportedly 'still focused on playing in the NFL,' casually hopped in his Rolls-Royce and kept it moving to the next nightclub. 

That's a brutal look to get blown up in front of your date like that but when you're hopping into a Rolls-Royce Wraith immediately after the fact it doesn't even matter. 

"It'll all work itself out, I promise you that," Manziel said.