It's been an interesting last couple of weeks for former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel. Everywhere he goes, drama seems to follow him. Manziel was recently released from the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL and then banned from competing in the league due to a breach of contract. With his NFL and CFL options exhausted, Manziel is now taking his talents to the Alliance of American Football. The former Texas A&M star was picked up by the Memphis Express and Manziel is already practicing with the team. At a recent introductory press conference, Manziel explained that he's positive he can make an impact.

"My confidence level is high,'' Manziel said. "I believe I still have a unique skill set and still have the ability to play at any level anywhere.''

Manziel also said that Memphis is where he wants to be and that he can't wait to get on the field for some action.

"In my eyes and in my mind, I believe I'm here for a reason," Manziel said. "This is a great fit for me."