It looks like Johnny Depp will be taking his talents to the big screen to star in a new feature movie from Good Films titled "Labyrinth". The Golden-Globe winner will play the late LA detective Russell Poole, who investigated the unsolved murders of rap legends Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls back in the late 90's.

Poole is the detective who theorized that Death Row Records mogul Suge Knight staged the shooting of Tupac to get out of paying him millions of dollars in royalties. Poole also believed that Knight worked with an LAPD officer to kill Biggie in retaliation for Tupac’s murder. He ultimately left the force and dedicated his life to the case, before passing away from a heart attack in 2015.

The film, which starts production next year, is being helmed by Brad Furman, who previously directed "The Lincoln Lawyer".

We'll update you with any more insight once it becomes available.