Hockey is a dangerous sport by virtue of the fact that all of the players are wearing blades on their feet. When you add in the crushing body checks and fights, you are given a sport that doles out a ton of punishment to its players. With that being said, accidents tend to happen and when they do, they can be pretty scary. Last night, one of those instances occurred as the Montreal Canadiens played the New York Islanders. At one point, Johnny Boychuk of the Islanders was skating through his crease when Artturi Lehkonen of the Habs, fell over and his skate when the air. The skate slashed Boychuk in the face who dropped to the ice in shock.

Immediately after, Boychuk rushed off of the ice with his hand over his eye. Some were worried that the skate cut his eyeball but for now, no one knows for sure as the Islanders have yet to release an update. One reporter stated that Boychuk only got cut on his eyelid. 

Players for both teams were worried about Boychuk's condition, especially Lehkonen who had no intention of doing what he did. Hockey is a fast game and things can happen in an instant. Regardless of which team you support, we can all agree that Boychuk deserves a full, speedy recovery.