The new John Wick movie (number 3), in which Keanu Reeves will continue to plow through videogame-amounts of villains and thugs, smouldering and huffing and puffing as he does, is coming out in May, on the 17th. With only a few months away, the studio behind the film has released–as sutdios have started to do–a trailer for the trailer. The actual trailer, the one which is a trailer for the whole movies, will be out tomorrow. In the meantime, though, there is still the once-removed trailer which showcases Keanu, Lawrence Fishburne, sword-carrying motorcycle riders and lots of rain, is still a sight to see:

The movie, which is officially titled John Wick: Chapter 3–Parabellum, will presumably delve more into the underground society of the Continental Hotel, the rules of which Wick has broken by killing on its grounds. The third film will begin with him escaping the fallout of this faux-pas.

One thing that is conspicuously absent from the above trailer is the newest and most interesting addition to the roster in the secret club of assassins: Halle Berry. Here's to hoping we get a scene like this between Keanu Reaves and Halle Berry: