According to ESPN insider Bobby Marks, John Wall's $169.3 million contract extension is scaring away potential suitors, a week after the Washington Wizards put him and rest of his teammates on the trade market. And that doesn't even account for the teams worried about his apparent attitude issues. Those two factors alone have reportedly all but driven his trade value to the ground, putting the Wizards in an unenvious position going forward. 

"Granted, every player in this league can be traded, but the Wall extension right now is the toughest contract I have seen a team try to move in 20 years," a team executive told Marks. "I couldn't look my owner in the eye and tell him there is value with the player even if we didn't have to trade anything of significance."

Hope is not completely gutted, because if Washington lowers its demands and eats a portion of Wall's salary over the next four years, I suspect NBA franchise would see things in a different light. Besides the glaring concerns I've just noted, John Wall's performance rating looks good on paper. He is averaging  21.5 points, 8.1 assists, 3.6 rebounds and 1.7 steals with a 45.2 shooting percentage on the season. Washington's other stud player Bradley Beal has only seen his name mentioned in trade reports. Help is on the way?