John Wall and the Washington Wizards will play host to Isaiah Thomas and the Boston Celtics tonight, their third meeting of the season, and the Wizards are preparing for a funeral.

After last night's win over the Hornets, Washington's Kelly Oubre and John Wall detailed the team's plans to arrive dressed in all black.


"We're wearing all black to the game. You know where we're going with that," Wizards forward Kelly Oubre Jr. said.

"We're ready for whatever," Oubre said. "We're wearing all black to the game. It's a memo that the team is giving away. We're ready for whatever, man. Round 3, let's get it."

Reporters also asked Wall about the dress code, and he responded, "All black everything. A funeral."

The two games that these teams have played against each other this season have been filled with drama, including the January 11th meeting which resulted in five Boston police officers guarding the two locker rooms after players continued to trade verbal jabs at each other after the game had ended.

Whatever happens tonight, expect Boston's Jae Crowder to keep a low profile- he was fined $25,000 for poking John Wall on the nose in Boston's win earlier this month.

"I lost $25,000, so you won't see too much out of me," Crowder said. "For real."

"Maybe I should just start doing the [Kevin Garnett] and start talking to myself a lot," Crowder added. "Yeah, I'm going to start talking to myself a little bit. Not talking to the opponent as much."

Easier said than done.

The two teams have split the season series thus far but this won't be their final matchup of the season, they will meet again in Boston on March 20th. 

Isaiah Thomas isn't worried about the Wizards' wardrobe heading into tonight's battle.