John Wall spoke with Yahoo Sports' Michael Lee about the Washington Wizards prospects heading into next season. Rather than contemplate growing pains over roster movement, Wall likened his side to the best in the East. Wall sees a vacuum emerging out of LeBron James' West Coast conversion, and refuses to believe the Celtics, 76ers or Raptors are in a better position moving forward.

“I feel like we're all equal. None of them won a championship. This is no knock on no other team. Don't get me wrong," Wall told Michael Lee. The Wizard's point guard went to portray the Boston Celtics as "a hell of a team," the 76ers' group as "great young talent," and the Toronto Raptors as a franchise making ostensible improvements every year. And yet, John Wall insists: "Ain't nobody separated from nothing" in the East.

Part me believes LeBron's predominance in the Eastern Conference was psychologically induced. I reckon that many games between LeBron and Eastern Conference opponents were essentially decided before the opening whistle. Players like Wall and DeRozan have been overly-consumed with mitigating LeBron's in-game presence, to the point where they've begun to neglect their own instincts for the game.

Both Jayson Tatum and Joel Embiid are alphas on the rise, whom I believe John Wall has met and grown to respect. The Washington Wizards on the other hand, are a band of mismatched personalities until proven otherwise. Just my opinion.