Zoom calls have become the new wave in 2020 after the world was put on lockdown due to the coronavirus. It's created a few viral moments, specifically this week. New Yorker reporter Jeff Toobin was suspended after allegedly masturbating during a Zoom call. John Wall also became a trending topic following a recent Zoom interview on ESPN. Thankfully, John Wall's Zoom moment wasn't inappropriate than it was outright hilarious.

The Washington Wizards guard appeared as a guest on Monday Tailgate where he was discussing the future of his favorite NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys. Though many might get dressed up a little and provide the interviewers their undivided attention, John Wall was a bit preoccupied doing something else -- playing Spades. Mind you, John Wall wasn't completely distracted from what was going on in front of him, proving that he's quite the multi-tasker.

The hosts didn't even question what John Wall was doing which could be a testament to how good Wall is at juggling a game of cards and an interview simultaneously. However, he did seem to drift away a bit when he was asked about the NFC East. 

If you're wondering how good John Wall is at Spades, apparently, there are a few NBA Insiders who can vouch for him. Check out some of the best reactions to John Wall's ESPN interview below.