Legendary director and screenwriter John Singleton was laid to rest in a private funeral recently. Furthermore, previous reports alleged Singleton would be buried near Nipsey Hussle and Paul Walker at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the Hollywood Hills. The star-studded event consisted of a celebration of the Boyz N The Hood creator's life and offering support to the Singleton family.

With John Singleton buried, news reports now indicate his family is readying for a legal battle. According to TMZ, the late director's will has been ruled invalid due to it being outdated. The document was previously given to the courts by Singleton's mother, Sheila Ward, who used to manage her son's business and legal affairs. The 1993-draft was penned by the creative and redirected all his assets to his eldest daughter justice. Though Justice was John's only child at the time and the latter has drastically changed. A total of seven children are awaiting their cut of the assets along with John's parents. 

Based on Californian law, unborn children must be included in the will unless they were disinherited. As this is not the case, the other children may have legal grounds to fight for a portion of the pie. But wait, there's more. Sheila Ward, who is the will's executor, filed the documents for only $3.1 million, which leaves $31 million out of the probate court. The left-out amount may also be challenged and fought for by the children. Hence with a total of $35 million dollars hanging in the balance, a vicious battle is expected.