Yesterday, we reported the death of iconic director and producer John Singleton. The 51-year old moviemaker was hosted at a hospital facility in a lenghty coma after succumbing to a stroke. Subsequentially, the family announced the "Boyz N The Hood" director would be taken off life support, and as such he was. Reportedly, Singleton passed on peacefully while surrounded by close friends and family. With the film legend now gone, his family is readying up to enter the ensuing legal proceedings encompassing the division of the screenwriter's assets. 

Recent reports by TMZ now indicate John's mother Sheila Ward as being in possession of the will and to soon file it with the courts. A total of $35 million dollars is on the line and the provided will may determine who gets what. To note, had Sheila Ward not been in possession of this will, California law would have divided the amount equally amongst Singleton's 7 children. 

Harrison/Getty Images

Earlier this month, John Singleton's daughter, Cleopatra Singleton denied previous allegations that her father was in a coma prior to his death. Moreover, she began a fight to ensure her grandmother Sheila Ward would have any powers over her late father's legal decisions. Cleopatra's attempt followed Ward's motion for a temporary conservatorship while John was in a coma. Precisely, Sheila wanted to make the decisions her son could not make.

Hence, in the event that Ward is assigned as the will's executor to the displeasure of Cleopatra, things may get very messy.