John Singleton sadly passed away at the end of April and so far the wake of his death has been unsettling for his family. We posted earlier about the private investigator that was hired by John's baby mother who is suspicious about the events leading up to John's stroke that put in in a coma. TMZ now reports that John's daughter, Justice, has put a restraining order on Avance Smith, a close friend of John's.

According to the publication, John and Avance were so close, they would call each other cousins. Sometimes Avance would act as John's security. It's unclear as to why Justice has gone ahead and requested a restraining order on her father's friend. 

The move comes one day after Sheila Ward, John's mom, filed an emergency request for control of his assets since someone had allegedly gone into John's office and stolen valuables. Avance has no current connection to the case, but it's interesting that both moves are so close together.  

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

"Condolences to the family of John Singleton. His seminal work, Boyz n the Hood, remains one of the most searing, loving portrayals of the challenges facing inner-city youth. He opened doors for filmmakers of color to tell powerful stories that have been too often ignored," Barack Obama wrote after John's passing.