On Sunday night, John Oliver had some words for Tucker Carlson, the Fox News anchor who delivered a sarcastic rant expressing his outrage with an educational Sesame Street skit. “First, obviously, f*** off Tucker, you one-man homeowner’s association,” said Oliver.

In the skit, Elmo and his father Louie came together to discuss discrimination on the Coming Together: Standing Up to Racism special. Carlson had an inexplicably strong opinion against the Elmo skit, which for Oliver posed the question of whether Carlson is pro-discrimination.

Here is what Carlson said on Fox News that triggered Oliver’s reaction: “Got that, Bobby? America is a very bad place and it’s your fault. So no matter what happens, no matter what they do to you when you grow up, you have no right to complain.”

Oliver went off on Carlson on his show Last Week Tonight.

“And second, that unspecified ‘they’ in ‘what they do to you when you grow up’ is doing a lot of heavy lifting there. There’s basically two options for what that could mean,” said Oliver. “One, that Tucker and his viewers have benefited from a racist system that renders any specifications of who ‘they’ are unnecessary. Or two, that his show is a badly written piece of garbage, so which is it Tucker? Are you a racist or are you a total f***ing moron? The answer can be ― and indeed is ― both.”