John Oliver isn't feeling the WWE's support of Saudi Arabia. The Last Week Tonight host dedicated an entire segment to the wealthy middle eastern country, and the WWE's connection to the Kingdom was brought up. Oliver starts by touching on Journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was a critic of the Saudi Kingdom that disappeared after visiting Turkey this month. As reported by TIMEan alleged assassination squad "killed and dismembered" Khashoggi "in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul." The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, of course, denies these allegations, and the squad of alleged killers claim they were just in the country for a vacation. The only issue is, they landed at around 3 AM on the day in question, left on the same day, and traveled with a bone saw. 

Oliver brought up the suspicions of traveling only at night with a bone saw before taking a shot at the WWE. The entertainment wrestling league held their first event in Saudi Arabia this past Spring, and Oliver stated that fans “around the world were treated to wall-to-wall propaganda about the new Saudi Arabia, including video showing women happily driving, men dancing, and tourist destination beauty shots, as well as constant excited compliments throughout the broadcast.” He used a video of John Cena thanking the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has been using US sold weapons to wage unethical wars, as proof.