Celebrities having their homes broken into is no new thing. Crazed fans, or desperate thieves, have always tried to make their way onto celebrity properties. Some scenarios turn out to be overly excited fans looking for a collectible they can brag about to their friends or sell on eBay. In other instances though, celebrities are robbed of whatever the crooks can find. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to John Mayer this weekend.  

Jonh Mayer is currently on tour with Dead and Company, and thieves took the opportunity to break into the musician's home. According to KCBSburglars broke into Mayer's Beverly Crest residence and police found the home ransacked when they arrived. The cops were called after security realized that a window had been broken. The robbery occurred around noon on Friday. $100-200,000 worth of property was stolen, including a collection of rare and expensive watches and musical equipment. Nobody else was in the house during the break-in and the suspects are still at large. 

Despite this stroke of horrible luck, Mayer has been doing pretty well for himself. The talented musician recently dropped a new single and music video for "New Light," and he is also featured on Travis Scott's latest album Astroworld.