The People's Choice Awards were this past weekend and among the many celebrities that were in attendance was the low-key but exceptional John Legend who took the stage for a perfect performance, covering U2's classic hit "Pride (In the Name of Love)." John sat at a grand piano and sang his heart out, receiving a much-deserved standing ovation - check out the performance below.

John's outfit of the choice for the memorable performance was just a simple turtleneck and blazer, which makes sense considering his recent interview where he described how "clothes reflect the person" he is "as an artist."

"I don’t want my style to scream ‘entertainer’. Fashion can be a really powerful visual shorthand," he told GQ. "To be fair, any man that grew up as a teenager in the Eighties will have learnt this the hard way. I look back at the bagginess of my jeans sometimes and wonder, ‘What was I thinking?’”

As for tips on the perfect get-up, John said this: “Get yourself a tailor. Or find a local tailor that can help you take in and modify your clothing to suit your body shape. It’s unreasonable to think that clothing bought from a store will fit you perfectly; it’s rarely going to happen."