John Legend and Adam Levine used their stellar vocal range as a means to make the latest Super Bowl Pamper's advertisement that much better. The commercial, as seen below, sees John changing his son's diaper and calling on some backup. Although his daughter, Luna, tries to lend a hand, he looks to another large group of fathers behind him to sing about their kids' Stinky Booties. 

Adam comes in at the end, singing with his baby about cleaning up the mess. Chrissy then walks in and asks the abundance of dad's in her home: "Must we do this every time?"

The commercial is a follow-up to the first Pampers ad John did where he made up the jingle "Stinky Booty" that Chrissy recently revealed she actually made it up

“We couldn’t think of a more fitting way to celebrate hands-on dads like John than by welcoming another fantastic dad, Adam Levine, into the Pampers family and taking the Stinky Booty Duty song to a whole new level on Super Bowl Sunday," Andre Schulten, vice president and general manager of Baby Care North America, Procter & Gamble, said in a statement. 

Check it out below.