This is slated to be the most interesting Easter in decades. In a non-quarantined world, Easter Sunday would see millions of people making their way to their prospectives houses of worship, but under a quarantine, people are being advised, if not outrightly told, not to gather together. However, church leaders are attempting to bypass these ordinances that have been set in place for the health and safety of citizens. Some leaders have called for drive-in services where people come together but stay inside of their vehicles, while others have told their congregations to just come to church regardless of what authorities say.

John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Church
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The polarizing topic has divided believers, but John Legend has used his platform to advise people against going to church for the time being. "Don't let these pastors kill your auntie or grandparent," Legend tweeted. A fan wrote that there are some pastors and church leaders who are telling their congregants that this pandemic is a "test of [their] faith." Basically, if you don't go to church, you don't trust God or have faith. John Legend doesn't care what anyone thinks, he just doesn't want people to get sick.

"I say this as a pastor's grandson and nephew. I know how hard it is for many churches to pay their mortgage and that most pastors aren't anywhere near rich and rely on the weekly offering to make things work for themselves and their congregation. BUT. DO. NOT. GO. TO. CHURCH," he added.