Sho Madjozi is making a name for herself outside of South Africa by cozying up with the World's best. After dropping her previously unheard "John Cena" on COLORS, Madjozi quickly shot up the ranks to occupy the #1 trending spot on YouTube for a brief moment this week.

News traveled fast, as John Cena and his employers @ World Wrestling Entertainment made sure to shout her out via Twitter. Cena was so honored to hear his name conjured up, that he lay speechless in the caption section of his appreciative post: a magazine cover purporting Madjozi's entrepreneurial brilliance.

You might recall hearing of Madjozi; claimed the "Best International Act" award at the BET gala back in June - and has since doubled in exposure as a consequence. Missy Elliott was most notably "online" when the COLORS performance was in the process of going viral; she too, took a moment out of her day to remark on Madjozi's brilliance.

Her debut record, Limpopo Champions League, came out in late December to rave reviews. There's no better time than RIGHT NOW to get yourself up to speed. Madjozi's COLORS performance is one for the books, don't take my word for it.