Outside of wrestling, John Cena has become a huge superstar that appears in movies and television. Of course, his biggest foray into fame was his work with the WWE which he still participates in, to this day. Last night was the WWE Raw Reunion and fans were hoping to see Cena there as he tends to be a favorite amongst the wrestling faithful. On Monday morning, Cena gave fans a lot to be hopeful for as he posted a cryptic tweet that hinted at his eventual appearance at the event.

"Today is a monumental day personally. Facing and overcoming deep rooted fears, forging ahead with the wonderful journey of life, and being brave enough to share feelings with those I love," Cena explained. "Thank you to everyone who has made this moment possible."


Fans were curious about what he meant by all of this but they eventually guessed that he would be back on Raw.

Cena was eventually appeared at the Raw Reunion and was actually the person who kicked it all off. He got in the ring with the Uso brothers and even spit some bars while performing as the Doctor of Thuganomics. It was a classic night that WWE fans loved watching.