Joey Purp Grabs Chance The Rapper For Dope "Aw Sh*t!" Visuals

Karlton Jahmal
December 13, 2018 00:23

Chance gets his groove on.

Joey Purp's Quarterthing was a fresh breath of air when it dropped in September. One of the most infectious songs of the year is on the album. Entitled "Aw Shit!," the track mixes hip-hop and dance to create a hype banger. The simplicity of the song is its strong point. It pushes pristine and energetic simplicity to the forefront, and the new visuals for the song achieve the same aesthetic. 

Directed by Jason M. Peterson, the black and white video features Chance the Rapper and several other members of Chicago's music scene. The instrumental for "Aw Shit!" was crafted by Knox Fortune and DJ Taye, so the Chi-town experience comes full circle. Chance dances exuberantly and tosses money around as he, Purp, and the squad dance in front of a black and white lined backdrop. Without doing too much, Peterson was able to recreate the same energy he puts into his famous black and white photography work. Brilliant!

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