Yesterday we brought you our interview with Soulo Ho3 from the Smokers Club tour, and today we're returning with our brief conversation with Joey Bada$$, a fellow headliner on the tour. 

The young'n Joey is currently working on his debut album, titledB4.DA.$$, although before that happens we'll be getting the Summer Knights EP, a slight revamp of the Summer Knightsmixtape. We received an update on the album, which Joey say he's taking his time in completing.

"Right now I'm shaping it, it's safe to say I have a rough draft, for myself though, I'm still working on it though, I'm gunna take my time and just perfect it. I'm not gunna rush it at all," the Pro Era member said.

The New York native isn't shy on Twitter, and often vents to his fans. Sometimes this backfires on him though, and you may find Joey deleting tweets after a passionate Twitter rant. We wanted Joey's take on Twitter-- is he for or against the social platform?

"When it comes to Twitter, I'm...what's the word, erratic. Fuck Twitter. I love Twitter," Joey said in one breath. "I don't give a fuck. That's basically what it is. I tweet what's on my mind, I may regret it an hour later, but fuck it."

Finally the rapper promised that he'll be working on collaborations with both The Underachievers and Ab-Soul (which is good news for those who heard "Enter The Void") while on tour, and he also one-upped the TDE BET cypher, saying, "that was the only one I liked."

Check out the full interview below.