Joey Bada$$ may be the next big thing coming out of New York, praised for bringing back a classic NY sound. Even so, he's not capitilizing on his fame just yet. He says in a new interview that for now, he wants to remain independent.

The Pro Era rapper dropped a hint that he was considering signing to Roc Nation in A$AP Rocky's posse cut, "1Train," however he decided not too. While talking to Fuse, Joey said of the decision, "For right now, I feel like independence is the best thing for me. For what I wanna do, it's the best thing for me right now." 

He continued to talk on his other ambitions apart from rap, and it turns out the young'n was originally in school for acting.

"I was in school for acting, that was what I initially wanted to do when I got to high school." When asked what kind of role he'd ideally like to have, Joey said, "I feel like if I say 'Juice' that's way to cliche, like some 'Juicy' or 'Belly,' everybody want me to take that role." He added, "If I was in a Spike Lee movie, I could see that right there. I'm waiting on Spike."

Check out the full interview clip below.