Joey Bada$$ has embarked on his "Amerikkkana Tour," and has released the first episode of a tour documentary of the same name, where he revealed some very exciting news. 

At a show in Philadelphia, Joey is shown finishing up his set. As he says goodbye to the crowd, he casually throws in that he has a "new album on the way," and that it's "almost done."

Since there hasn't been any sort official announcement from Joey, we can only make educated guesses as to what his next project will contain. He's posted footage on his Instagram story of Chris Brown, London on the Track, and Gashi, who could all be potential collaborators on the album. He also scored his first ever Hot 100 entry on XXXTentacion's track "Infinity (888)," off his ? album, and have also worked on other collaborations as well. That success could mean that Joey will return the favor and put X on his album as well.

The rest of the documentary is a cool watch, and very well made. There's a particularly nice moment where a fan tells Joey that he'll "see him when they're equal," to which Joey responds, "We eye to eye bro, we equal." Also included is footage of Joey handing one of his fans a platinum plaque, after noting that his fan had been going through some devastating times. 

Check out the whole "Amerikkkana Tour" video below, or skip to 9:04 to see the part where talks to the crowd about his new album coming out.