Joey Bada$$ isn't scared of a lawsuit where a Donald Trump impersonator is allegedly trying to get $1.5 million from the rapper. Earlier in the year, Phillip Wilburn, who has had stints on "Conan" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" hopped on stage while Joey was performing (in a Donald Trump get-up) and made gestures to the crowd as he was seemingly trying to talk to Joey. 

The "Land of the Free" rapper pushed him off the stage where you no longer see Phillip or Joey in the video anymore. According to TMZ, Phillip claimed he had to pay $1k in medical expenses and may have to pay another $25k for a possible surgery. Overall he said he will lose $50k in profits and wants Joey to shell over $1 million in damages. 

Joey says Phillip assumed his own injuries when he got onstage uninvited and is asking the court to drop the case, claiming too much time has passed adding that outside forces made him fall off - among a number of other reasons. Luckily, the whole act was caught on video so there can't be any unproven claims. Watch the clip below.

Joey is said to be making music with East Harlem rapper Dave East. Dave dropped his name, along with Drake, when he was talking about upcoming collaborations and his soon-to-drop project Paranoia 2. "That's one that the streets need, to just hear me and [Joey] together."

"Paranoia 2 on the way. I'm about to hit 'em back to back." East said. "Probably before Halloween, I'ma come with another one. One more EP and then [it's] album time, like my real debut... Probably like end of the year [or] top of the year. That's when you're gonna be hearing about the title and all of that."

Joey's last major drop was his project All Amerikkkan Bada$$. A 12-track studio album that some may argue as the most explicitly political rap album of the yearwhere his lyrical content delivers his stance on race and the government.