It's been over five years since the death of Capital Steez. For years, fans have been waiting on his project King Steez which was previously announced to drop on Dec. 23rd, 2017 before Joey Bada$$ announced that it would be pushed back until further notice. Unfortunately, Joey Bada$$ has just revealed that the project's release is out of his control and he's not sure when or if it'll see the light of day.

Joey Bada$$ explained that the release of Capital Steez' posthumous album, King Capital isn't in his control. The rapper revealed that no moves pertaining to the project can be made without the approval of Steez' mother who's in charge of the estate. 

"I'm sorry guys, if it were up to me it would be out a long time a go. I do not own Capital STEEZ's Music and I never did." He wrote, "There's nothing I want more than the project to be out and for his name to rest in PEACE. Please Understand that. You want info on "King Capital," find a way to contact his MOTHER. She is the only one from his family who knows the current status of its release."

Unfortunately, it seems like there's been tension between Capital Steez' family and Joey Bada$$ as well as Pro Era. Prior to Steez Day 2018, Steez' sister said that there family would be boycotting the event