Though still an independent artist, Joey Bada$$ continues to collect hype. The NYC traditionalist just announced a headlining tour, and has been working with legends like DJ Premier on his new tracks. Joey sat down with The Breakfast Club to talk about his upcoming debut album, whether he will stay independent, and his beef with the Based God.

Joey first weighed in on whether his traditionalist approach was more "real", than other less lyrical takes on the genre."I consider myself real hip hop", said Joey, but was not quick to dismiss other forms of the musical style. "Over the years hip hop has branched out, there's subgenres of hip hop", he said.

Joey touched on his brief twitter and diss track exchange with Lil B, speaking of the late Capital STEEZ's line that he used against him. "I tweeted that to him. I was like I don't care I'm gonna start rap beef because I'm a hothead", he said. On his diss track, he said "it was just a challenge really", saying he released the diss "because it's nothing to me to write bars. I was hyped up by a couple friends." When asked about the Based God's music, Joey said "I didn't like him", and went as far as to say, "I don't even think he's a real person."

Bada$$ stressed that the deletion of his twitter account was not due to be being berated by B's "Task Force". "I just feel like i give too much of like my thoughts on my twitter" he explained. "I just don't like people having insight to my thoughts and my mind and my moves. It needs to only be the music."

The Pro Era leader also talked about his collabos with DJ premier, saying it was like "meeting a hip hop OG. He's riding with you and he's trying to make sure you're doing the right things too". He also revealed he had some other legendary collaborators lined up. "I got in the studio with Q-Tip the other day, so I'm just extremely ecstatic about all of this."

On whether he has turned down an offer from Roc Nation to remain independent, Joey confirmed the rumor, declaring "it's true." He commented on the sitiuation with Jay. "We had a meeting and I guess he just understood my vision" adding "he's like the number one person I look up to."

Joey is not set on staying independent however, and is just keeping his options open. "Right now there's a lot of offers on the table. We just gonna roll out see who's the highest bidder. If not, then I don't know I might just keep it independent."

The NY rapper then confirmed that he is wrapping up the recording of his debut album. Joey said he's "just trying to get up with Primo once more", and still needs to "clear some samples". When asked if he would possibly collaborate with RZA, Bada$$ revealed, "that might just happen."

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