Joey Bada$$ was just one of the many artists & celebrities to make it out to Madison Square Garden Thursday afternoon to witness Kanye West debut his new album The Life Of Pablo, along with his new Yeezy 3 clothing line as well. Unfortunately for Joey however, his evening didn’t go as planned as he ended up getting into a physical altercation with a cameraman on his way out of the venue, something that the man of the hour, Kanye West, would've probably appreciated.

Thanks to the footage that surfaced online, we can see Joey get touched in the head by a cameraman while walking up to his ride, ultimately causing him to snap back around and throw a couple haymakers back at the cameraman, before it was broken up by police. Joey then quickly worked his way through the crowd and was gone just like that.

Having heard this story so often in the past, don’t be surprised if a future lawsuit surfaces in the coming weeks/months. Check out the footage below.