Following the footsteps of other big name artists, Joey Bada$$ is now the latest to be in control of a notable clothing line with Ecko Unltd.

Joey spoke of the position unintentionally in a recent interview with Fuse TV while at the Ecko headquarters in New York City. While going over some of his fashion ideas and visions, he accidentally spilled the beans of his position as he was wanting to wait to mentions the news. The position came about as Joey's manager had been reached out to for an opportunity from Ecko, which then led Joey to get his role. Joey put it as "Its like everybody helping each other".

However, the 18-year old spitter will have his work cut out for him. Joey's plans and role consists of putting together a collection based project on his Pro Era crew. He also will have a role in some designing duties, as well as the overall direction of the brand for the future. He spoke highly of his strategy by adding "It's more of a thing where like... with me just taking what I like to rock. Just seeing what appeals to the youth right now, [and] just freaking it on some next creative different shit."

The transition with Joey and Ecko seem to be in the early works, but it will be interesting to see where Joey and Ecko go with it. Congrats Joey. [Via]