Joey Bada$$ is known to get a bit sensitive when he feels his message isn't being conveyed properly, whether that be via different media outlets or through interviews. The New York native often takes to Twitter to express what he thinks about such-and-such, today's example being an article posted by XXL.

XXL magazine spoke to Joey Bada$$ about his upcoming debut album, and they transcribed some of their interview with the young spitter into an article titled "Joey Badass Wants To Channel The Energy Of Nas, Jay-Z And Big L On New Album." 

The interview actually sheds light on what's happening with Joey's debut, B4.DA.$$ (Before The Money), and he reveals during their conversation that he's been spitting in the same booths as the OGs who came before him: "Just going to the studio, being in the same booth that like Nas spit Illmatic, Jay spit Reasonable Doubt, Big L spit Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous, all that. It was just amazing and I felt all of that energy just being in that room so I know that whatever I was spitting had to be fire."

XXL decided to shape some of what Joey said in the above quote into their title, which Joey took issue with. He tweeted this morning, "XXL really got me tight with the title of that article. Media love to put me in a box and switch up my words smfh." He added, "Fuck what the media write bitch....."

XXL has since changed the article title. As for what's at the center of the issue, the debut album, Joey says, "This time around I’m going to get more in-depth; like you know me, you know what my story is, where I come from, who I am."

Check out Joey's tweets in the gallery above.