Earlier this week, we witnessed the the first Solar Eclipse in America since 1918. It was quite the big deal that had professionals advising anyone watching it to wear protective eye wear. While the solar eclipse led to reactions from rappers, celebrities, politicians and everyone in between, many decided to test the theory about using protective eye wear. We seen Donald Trump do it although his daughter went on Twitter earlier advocating for the use of sun glasses during the eclipse. B.o.B went on a Twitter rant saying that the whole thing wasn't even real.

However, when Joey Bada$$ took to Twitter to ask if he was crazy that he was "watching the eclipse today with no glasses," he revealed a day later that he'd have to cancel three dates on his current tour. Many speculated that it was due to staring at the solar eclipse. Yesterday he posted a picture of him having to wear protective eye wear which pretty much confirmed what everyone was thinking so today he took to social media again to reveal that it was the case in a hilarious little video. 

On a video that he has posted on both Instagram and Twitter, he's seen wearing his glasses in a white robe. He says "Yo yo waddup world, it's Joey Bada$$ and there's a lot of rumors and allegations about me. A lot of people are confused, a lot of people are worried... So i wanted to come on here and address the situation," he took a brief pause and continued, "Yup, ha ha jokes on me. It is true. I can now see the future. In fact, I'm legally blind... to the bullshit." before ripping off the protective sunglasses to reveal another pair of sunglasses underneath.

It's a pretty humorous way of handling the situation at hand especially since the whole ordeal was done step by step on a public platform. By the looks of it, Joey Bada$$ doesn't seem to be too fazed by the glasses and actually, seems to be embracing it. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Check out the video of Joey Bada$$ below: