Joey Bada$$ has been keeping to his word of dropping new music off this year. He's released new music from himself and other members of the Pro Era team on a weekly basis and it looks like he'll be keeping that trend up for the rest of the year, hopefully. A few weeks a go, Joey Bada$$ hit up an Australian radio station where he performed a live rendition of Prince's "When Doves Cry" with a band which he's since titiled as "Thugz Cry". The reception of it was so good, Joey's releasing it for this week's new single on Pro Era Record's Soundcloud.

"THUGZ CRY this Friday on PRO ERA RECORDS soundcloud :) along w free download!" Joey wrote on Twitter this morning. The rapper spun the Prince classic into "Thugz Cry" which had him flexing his vocal range as well as spitting a few bars in the mix of it. It wasn't necessarily something we were used to hearing from Joey Bada$$ but it's nice to hear him expand his sound into other genres and sounds. And it's also a free download, so Joey Bada$$ is just feeding the fans what they've been looking for.

Aside from this upcoming release, Joey Bada$$ has a lot of different plans under his belt for 2017. The rapper and XXXTENTACION announced they have a joint mixtape together. It's unsure when they'll be releasing it but hopefully at some point this year. In addition, Joey's gearing up to launch his TIDAL exclusive podcast, "47 Minutes." That also doesn't have a solidified launch date but he said it'll be coming "real soon" so keep your eyes out for that.