Joey Bada$$ has been steadily biding his time, patiently putting in work on his upcoming follow-up to 2017's All-Amerikkkan Bada$$. And while some have expressed frustration with Joey's methodical pace, the Badmon previously broke things down during an interview with Complex in May: "It’s not fast food. It's not something that keeps coming, even though I'd like it to be like that, and my fans would like it to be like that. But I just need time. I'm talking about my life, talking about my experiences. That doesn't always happen in six months."

Joey Bada$$

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Though the anticipated album has yet to surface, Joey did dull some of the pain with The Light Pack EPa three-song appetizer featuring a guest appearance from Pusha T. Now, with eyes once again turning to his next full-length endeavor, the New York rapper took a moment to provide another update on its status. "My album fire. 85% done w. See y’all soon," he declares, a promising sign. "I finished this album like 3 times but I promise this the last time.,.. hopefully."

On the topic of Badmon's last comment, Smino took a moment to relate to the struggle of restarting an album from scratch -- a pain that was swiftly ridiculed by Buddy; "Y’all wild," he writes, sliding into Bada$$' comment section. Though we don't have much information pertaining to an actual release date, we can only hope that Joey decides to end the year on a high note. Are you excited to see what he's been cooking up all this time?