Back in January of last year, Joey Bada$$ announced his intentions to do a "Pro Era" podcast he would be naming "47 Minutes" to coincide with the jagged airtime he'd be giving his fans, at somewhat of an unpredictable. So far, Joey has published 4 episodes under the 47 Minutes banner, the latest of which was released just yesterday. Lucky for us, Joey Bada$$ and NasteeLuvzYou decided to go with J.I.D, an artist with enough chutzpah to keep pace with all the conspiracy plots circling the Pro Era boardroom. 

The interview process feels a lot more like a conversation amongst friends. J.I.D being by explaining some of the conceptual decisions he made on his last DiCaprio record. He and J.I.D agree that an "organic" album making process is what suits them best. Of course, Joey talks about the forthcoming Pro Era group project a whole lot too.

At one point the discussion becomes one about making discerning art in the age Capitalism. NasteeLuvzYou fires off a proverb, that's been unfairly attributed to Jimi Hendrix because he quoted it in a song. They all agree, "the power of love overcomes the love of power," but not without the support of their Dreamville/Pro Era bubbles.

Check out the Tidal-sponsored segment, and hit us with your thoughts in the comment section below. If you like ep. 4, you'll probably the first 3 too: Flatbush Zombies, Vince Staples & Styles P, and Lil Yachty & Statik Selektah, all in the cut with Joey and NasteeLuvzYou.