Joey Bada$$ has made an unexpected announcement regarding his upcoming album via Instagram. This follows the release of "King Of The Jungle" ten days ago which will likely be included in the final draft. 

The aforementioned post gave no description of the recording process itself. Joey simply tracked his progress: "8 songs in 2 days" with an ominous shout to Chris Brown, London on da Track, and Gashi. We can infer a lot by those names in their respective order: Joey is reaching far and wide on this project. All three of those artists represent a startling difference from the usual company Bada$$ keeps.

Bada$$ has been popping up on features left and right. The rapper seems to have chosen an undisclosed studio in LA as a centralized location for his collaborators to meet on neutral grounds. Since his early mixtapes, we've seen his musical command expand to a much larger point. Joey, only 23, has probably only scratched the surface of his potential. His collaboration with Chris Brown is hard to imagine ahead of time, and yet if need be, we can look at his recent work with XXXTentacion for an indication of things to come.