While we're still wondering if Joey Bada$$ is retiring from the rap game since his since-deleted Instagram post a few days back, he's taken the idea off our minds for a minute since sharing some lovely photos of his daughter. Joey, born Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott, turned 24-years-old on January 20th and it marked the first birthday with his daughter, Indigo Rain.

"My first bday with you... you are the greatest gift 💝 my blood, my flesh, my heart outside my chest," he captioned the photo below. Joey has previously opened up to Peter Rosenberg about fatherhood calling the whole experience "amazing."

"It's a life-changer for sure. To just like see this little human that you participated in, you co-created with someone, to see, like, you," he said. "She's like my little twin. It's honestly the most heartwarming thing that's ever happened to me and it happens literally every time I look in her eyes. It's a great feeling, bro. I love it."

Joey's pretty good at keeping his private happenings very private so the glimpse into a special day between him and his daughter is well received from fans. A couple days back was the 4th anniversary of his first album, B4.Da.$$.

"I just wanna thank all my fans, fam and supporters for riding w me up until this point," he wrote on Instagram. "Y’all made a kid from Brooklyn get close to his dreams and life ain’t been the same since!"