Joey Bada$$ hasn't started the new year off on the best foot. The Brooklyn rapper was arrested at a show in Australia this weekend after he allegedly struck a security guard in the face, breaking his nose.

According to the guard's story, he believed that Joey was unauthorized to be on stage, stopping the rapper before his performance to check his credentials. At this point, he says Bada$$ punched him in the face, and went on to perform his show. Following the concert, Bada$$ was arrested and taken into custody, where he spent the night.

Joey appeared in court, and while he made bail, he was charged with "assault occasioning actual bodily harm".

The guard was reportedly treated for his injuries -- which reportedly included a broken nose -- on the scene before being taken to the hospital for further medical assistance.

Joey has another court date scheduled for March 19th. His Australian tour continues on to Sydney and Melbourne later this week.


[Update: Statement From Joey's Rep Released]

A quick update on the report from this morning, that the Bada$$ punched a security guard in the face in Australia, resulting in the security guard's hospitalization.

Joey Bada$$'s rep gave Pitchfork the following statement on the incident:

"There was a misunderstanding with security at the Byron Falls Festival show, which resulted in charges being laid by NSW Police. After fully cooperating with Police, Joey was granted bail and entered a plea of not guilty to the charge."