Pro Era collective has become synonymous with New York rap these days, one of the more prominent crews putting on for the Beast Coast with what is truly an NY sound-- unlike their crew counterparts, ASAP Mob, that may be putting on for NYC with a not-so-NYC sound.

We've been introduced to a lot of members within the crew during Joey's rise to fame, from Kirk Knight to CJ Fly to Dirty Sanchez. Recently we even spoke to both Joey and Nyck Caution about how Nyck is next up from Pro Era. However one of their members has parted ways with the crew, the details as to why are not clear.

Joey hopped on twitter to confirm Dyemond Lewis' departure from Pro Era, although it was apparently an amicable split. He wrote, "Dyemond Lewis is no longer a part of PROERA... That's my brother to the death but we had to come to this conclusion unfortunately..."

We'll keep you posted if more details arise.