Back in 2012, hip hop lost a budding hip hop star by the name of Capital STEEZ. The rapper took his own life on December 24th, 2012 and since then, many have felt the loss, most notably, Joey Bada$$. As the face of Pro Era, Joey Bada$$ has been a leading force in tributes such as Steez Day and helping his posthumous album, King Capital come into fruition. The album was initially slated for the summer of 2013 but multiple factors had played into it's delay. Unfortunately, while many fans expected to receive the project this year, it may not be happening.

Joey Bada$$ took to Instagram to put out a PSA pertaining to King Capital. While they announced the project would be released on December 23rd, a day before the fifth anniversary of his death, Joey had to be the bearer of bad news and announce the project will be delayed once again. The rapper cites issues with business legalities and sample clearances as the predominant reason behind it. Unfortunately, with those hurdles presented, they also announced the project has been pushed back once again until further notice. Joey continued to say that despite the disappointment fans are feelings, that the project will be "well worth the wait."

The hype surrounding King Capital heightened earlier in the year when a mysterious tweet on Capital Steez' Twitter account appeared that read, "The beginning." Shortly after, Joey Bada$$ announced the release date for STEEZ' album at the third annual Steez Day.

Check Joey Bada$$ post below: