Though Joey Bada$$ may wax poetic with a philosopher's grace, should he find himself thrust into a mosh pit, a different beast emerges. Conversely, Denzel Curry seems tailor made for the pit, as evidenced by his energetic and furious live set. Now, the talented pair have connected to bring forth a lively moshing session, which went down during Powers Pleasant's set during Afropunk 2K18. Footage below finds both parties in the midst of wilding out, with Denzel temporarily finding himself hoisted up by two fellow rabble-rousers. 

It's clear that the good vibes are dominant, and seeing Joey and Denzel stirring up the pit is a testament to their skill as performers. One can only imagine the duo will be feeling the fallout for days to come. Even those adverse to moshing might be tempted to join in the action, given Denzel & Joey's presence. While such pits may fail to satisfy those seeking a "wall of death," or various other practices better suited for Death Metal concerts, this one has the look of a wholesome and energetic affair. 

Now, we can only hope that either one requested a feature from the other. The game could certainly use another collaboration from Denzel Curry and Joey Bada$$, with "Zenith" having dropped in 2016. We can only hope.