Yesterday, Denzel Curry took to Twitter to praise the eternally "Raw," naming artists like JID, Nyck Caution, A$AP Ferg, and of course, Joey Bada$$ among them. The gesture went appreciated by all included parties, furthering the notion that Denzel is a leader of his generation. An online discourse between Joey Bada$$ and Denzel popped off shortly thereafter, yielding promising results.

Upon claiming that the people needed a new Joey Bada$$ album more than actual hydration, Joey proposed a partnership of sorts. "NEW ZELTRON X BADA$$ 2019???" he wrote, prompting all manner of speculation. A collaboration album would be wishful thinking, and to be honest, a gamble; though both parties are phenomenal artists, a pair of respective solo albums might be the wiser course of action. Especially if both Zel and Badmon drop projects, providing a featured verse apiece.

We've already heard Denzel's plans to continue his momentum into the new year. Through Joey into the mix, and we're looking at a promising year indeed.