"Joey, you've got horns on records, live basslines, live drums," says Ebro. "Is that music you always wanted to create?"

Joey has much to say on the musical influence of his latest album, All Amerikkkan Bada$$. The rapper starts by reminiscing about a time when he used to search Youtube for Jazz Liberators and Madlib production, before moving to his current musical status, having finally obtained the resources to experiment with live instrumentation. "All the music is from scratch, from the ground up, with my direction, like I orchestrated it," says Joey. "I took this musician, with this musician, paired em together and told them where to go."  

The conversation is especially enlightening for those interested in the creative process. It sounds like Joey is taking his first steps into a production based role, taking a vision and turning it into something tangible.

Joey also recently dropped some constructive criticism for New York Radio, encouraging stations like Hot 97 to reach out to inner cities and embrace a youthful perspective. "You got Atlanta killing it, L.A. killing it. You know why?" asks Bada$$, boldly addressing the Hot 97 team, "Because they got young people involved, and they getting the inner cities involved. They supporting their hometown artists on some other shit."