Joey Bada$$ should be protected at all costs. Not only does the lyricist boast one of the most entertaining Instagram accounts, but he's also one of the most forward thinking young artists in the game. Eloquent and technically proficient on the mic, Badmon has proven time and time again that he can go bar for bar with any emcee; and to think, he hasn't yet turned twenty-five. Suffice it to say, the future is bright for the Brooklyn Beast Coast pioneer. And while many accolades are deservedly heaped onto his musical endeavors, the All Amerikkkan Bada$$ has been quietly plotting and maneuvering behind the scenes. Today, the fruits of his extracurricular activities are borne.

At exactly 4:07 Eastern Time, Joey Bada$$ will be launching the inaugural episode of his new podcast 47 Minutes, along with his co-host Nastee (a longtime sound engineer and mentor). With a run-time set to exceed that of the title, Joey's Tidal exclusive podcast promises unfiltered and uncensored conversations about a range of topics. For those intrigued, it gets better. His first guests are set to be Vince Staples and Styles P, both of which are never far from an entertaining interview. While Vince is no stranger to scathing comedy, his hood come-up mirrors that of a young Styles. In that regard, they may not be as disparate as it initially appears.

Should you be rocking that Tidal subscription, you can check back at 4:07 to catch the episode right here. It should be a grand old time. Respect to the Badmon for this one.