By now, we've long come to terms with a sad reality - Slaughterhouse's lost Glass House project is destined to remain eternally vaulted. It hurts, but it's fair to say that enough time has passed, and the pain has since been dulled. Yet every so often, a reminder of Slaughterhouse's glorious run emerges, and the what-ifs begin the circulate. Today is one of those days, thanks to esteemed lyricist Joell Ortiz. Now, given that it's Throwback Thursday, he can be forgiven for this one. Still, it's hard to see such a carefree Slaughterhouse without lamenting their eventual implosion

"I remember this day vividly," writes Joell, opting to keep what made it so memorable to himself. Perhaps it needs no explanation. Though Jumpoff is indeed hidden, the band is all there, including a cameo appearance from what looks like Paul Rosenberg. It's possible that the flick was taken during the Welcome 2 Our House sessions, as the project marked Slaughterhouse's official Shady Records debut. 

Of course, three out of four members continue to put out music, including Joell Ortiz - Yaowa's got an album by the name of Monday dropping on August 30th, so be sure to check that out. In the meantime, be sure to check out this throwback of simpler times, when four of the game's best lyricists decided to link up and join forces. What was your favorite Slaughterhouse track?