Joell Ortiz On Hot 97, Spits Freestyle

Rose Lilah
August 20, 2014 16:50

Joell Ortiz talks with Hot 97 crew and spits a freestyle.

Slaughterhouse MC Joell Ortiz stopped by Hot 97 and chopped it up with Laura Stylez, Ebro and Peter Rosenberg. The rapper says with the utmost confidence during the interview that he is better than everyone out there, and no one would want to battle him. 

Joell Ortiz goes on to talk about his new album House Slippers, clarifies exactly how you spell YAOWA (that's how), and briefly gives us a run-down of his life so that he could get into rapping.

He starts spitting at the 19:30 mark if that's the only reason you came here.

Watch the full 23-minute interview above.

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INTERVIEWS Joell Ortiz On Hot 97, Spits Freestyle