The Philadelphia 76ers and the Milwaukee Bucks are two teams that basketball fans feel can make it out of the Eastern Conference and compete in the NBA Finals. If the 76ers and Bucks were to matchup in the playoffs, it would surely be an entertaining series. This was all but confirmed on Thursday night when the Bucks defeated the Sixers 128-122. While the game itself was entertaining, perhaps the biggest storyline was between Joel Embiid and Eric Bledsoe who got into a bit of a dodgeball match.

Early in the first quarter, both players got into a shoving match, which led to Embiid throwing the ball at Bledsoe. Bledsoe caught the ball and then immediately whipped it back at Embiid. While Embiid initiated the altercation, Bledsoe was the one who suffered the brunt of the punishments. He was issued two technical fouls and was ejected from the game.

After the game, Embiid spoke about his trollish ways.

"I was just thinking that I’m pretty good at what I do," Embiid said, according to USA Today. "This is the second time I got one of the key guys from the other team thrown out, so I was pretty excited about it."

With the win, the Bucks have ensured themselves the best record in the NBA. They are currently 59-20.