Joel Embiid still hasn't played a second of NBA basketball for the Philadelphia Sixers but his legend continues to grow by the day. 

Whether it's hitting on Rihanna on Twitter, publicly recruiting Kevin Durant to Philly, or just tweeting like a madman- everything this guy does comes off as entertaining.

Embiid recently amused his fans during a "ride along" with Vice where he spoke about the Rihanna situation and announced that he drinks three to four PITCHERS of shirley temples everyday. For those of you scoring at home, that's approximately 100 ounces (conservatively) of ginger ale, grenadine and cherries DAILY.

The 7-footer also talked about his love for social media, how much he sucked when he first started hooping, and why he looked so damn sad on his draft night. But most importantly, the shirley temples. 

Check out the ride along below, it's impossible not to like this guy.