The whole Big Baller Brand was in the building last night as Lonzo and the Lakers escaped Wells Fargo Center with a 107-104 victory against the Sixers, avenging a loss to Philly earlier in the season.

After the game, in which Lonzo dished out a game-winning assist to Brandon Ingram in the final seconds, Joel Embiid met with the younger Ball brothers, LiAngelo and LaMelo, as well as the Ball patriarch, LaVar, who he has traded verbal jabs with in the past. 

When the two finally came face to face, it became clear that there's no hard feelings.

After the Sixers beat the Lakers earlier in the season, Embiid trolled the Big Baller by tagging "LaVar" as the location on a photo of him scoring against Lonzo.

"The Process" had previously gotten into a little war of words with Lonzo Ball's pops during the off-season, when he tweeted at Ben Simmons to dunk on Lonzo, after LaVar predicted that the Lakers would make the playoffs in his rookie season. Embiid also said "Fuck LaVar Ball" during an Instagram Live video, which resulted in a $10,000 fine from the NBA.

Shortly after Embiid's comments, TMZ reporters caught up with LaVar to get his take on things and, as always, he didn't hold back. He called out the Sixers' big man for being dumb and injury prone, among other things.

"The reason he said that ... his vocabulary is limited," LaVar toldTMZ Sports.

"You gotta use cuss words when you don't have no intellect."

"He's not intelligent at all. He's worried about me? He should be worrying about playing."

"I'm not going to worry about him, he's small change."

However, it appears their war of words was never that serious.