We all know that Joel Embiid loves to troll. He's the type of player you hate to play against but love to have on your team, simply because of how he's able to absolutely get under your skin. No matter how hard you try to block out his noise, he is seemingly right there to give you a dose of trash-talking you really didn't need or ask for. He's been a funny guy since he entered the league and we love him because of that. Considering his trollish ways, you can never really tell when he's being serious when giving his opinion on the basketball-related matters. 

Basketball fans did a collective double-take on Tuesday when Embiid spoke to The Ringer's Jason Concepcion about how the real GOAT is. Most young players like Embiid would most likely say either Jordan or Kobe, but no, Embiid went old school, claiming it's actually Wilt Chamberlain.

“[Jordan is] not the GOAT. To me, you got Wilt Chamberlain," Embiid explained. "I mean he has all the records. They’re never gonna be beaten. I don’t see anybody getting 100 points in a game. That’s it, he’s the GOAT.”

Do you Agree with Embiid's take or is Wilt's stats just a result of the times he played in?