In random news of the day, Joe Rogan returned to Los Angeles after a trip that kept him away for eleven days and when he got back to terminal four to meet his parked car, he had an unfortunate surprise. By the photo posted to his Instagram, it looks as though a number of cats jumped on the roof of his truck and used the bathroom all over his sunroof - multiple times

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

"I parked my truck for 11 days at LAX and cats decided to shit and piss ALL over the sunroof. This is what was left after I drove 35 miles home," he captioned the photo. "There was WAY more when I got into the car. Luckily it’s hot out so the shit was dry and hard, but fuck is it disgusting. When I got in the car I was confused because it looked like someone poured a drink all over the windshield. We stopped at the exit and realized the entire top of the truck was covered with shit and piss. Be careful if you’re parking in terminal 4. These fucking cats ain’t playing."

Some of Joe's followers commented suggesting that maybe it wasn't cats that destroyed his rooftop, but we'll leave such theories up to the internet.